Monday, December 20, 2010

This and That

  So I have pretty much become obsessed with the blog world.  I feel like I have stumbled upon a hidden treasure and I want to scream it to the world!!  I love to do crafty things but am not the best at coming up with stuff to do on my own. I "pride" myself on being able to make replicas of other people's great ideas, lol.  Lately I have been blog surfing and found SO many awesome blogs for crafty/creative people like me.  As I surf Im usually making a face like this one...

because my heart starts to beat faster and the creative juices start flowing and I escape into this other world I sometimes live in where all I do everyday is create beautiful things. My husband tells me its my new facebook.  He's so right. I would so much rather look at beautiful, funky, fun and creative stuff then read about who just filled up with gas at the gas station or who is having a really bad day and just needs to tell somebody (or hundreds of somebodies) about it.

  If you are a crafter at heart like me, take a little tour of the links to the blogs I love on this page and let your heart be inspired too!  I just wish I would have found some of these a week or two earlier so I would have had time to enjoy some of the chirstmas-y crafts.

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