Monday, December 20, 2010

Flexible Sleeper...

    For as long as I can remember I've never had trouble sleeping in weird places or positions.  My brother makes fun of me because one time I fell asleep at his apartment upside down in a chair.  I had my head on the footrest and my feet up over the top of the chair. Not sure how I dosed off but I did and slept for a good nap like that.  I know, thats weird...and I don't do that very often.  But we have had a high value of getting our kids to be flexible sleepers. We seem to be always on the go and I am one who doesn't like to miss out on anything so we decided not to do any sleep training methods that say your baby has to sleep in his bed all the time.  I figured he would fall asleep when he's tired anyway.  We did/do have a schedule with Eli but we never felt compelled to keep to it all the time.  I would change things up for him, having him fall asleep in my arms, or putting him down while he was wide awake and he has learned that you choose to go to sleep when you need to.  It has really paid off for us and allowed us to still do fun things after 7pm, etc.  But last night I had a first!  I was holding Callie and she had fallen asleep on my lap.  Eli wanted to be held too and since he didn't get a nap yesterday afternoon I suspected he was tired.  Then he stood up and leaned over my shoulders and was talking to me.  About a minute later, he was asleep!  And snoring directly in my ear!

I'm still a little unsure how he was able to sleep like this but he is my son and I can sleep in weird places too.  After about 15 minutes Grant put him down on the couch to keep snoozing for a little bit longer.  I was laughing thinking, I know I have not yet regained my pre-baby body but I didn't think I was so easily mistaken for a pillow!  Haha! I love snuggling with my sleepy kids though :)   

So day 2 of Eli's super flex sleeping he told me he was cold so he snuggled up with a blanket.  It was his nap time so I told him he should go get in his bed but he said he wanted to play a little bit more.  Next thing I know...he's asleep!  So precious.

He almost always naps in his bed but how can you resist how cute this is!

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