Friday, December 10, 2010

My mighty man of God Eli...

I really wanted to dedicate a post to who Eli is at this stage in his life! This is my little 3 year old. He is 3 and 2 months in this pic. He's always been super tall (97%) and always looked much older than he is.

This is my little muffin just a few days old...

Its amazing how the time flies by. Eli is our world changer and a truly unique little man.  He's a nurturer and very attentive to the moods and needs of others but he's also a warrior.  You will find him wielding his invisible sword to fight all kinds of bad guys throughout the day. He has a sweet spirit and is by far the funniest kid I have ever known.  Eli has a knack for imitating facial expressions and acting.  

He is so expressive about everything he does.  Did I mention he LOVES to dance?  This kid can dance his heart out for hours.  Dance Party is one of our favorite games we play and he break dances and interpretive dances until he drops.

Every morning he wakes up and comes into our bedroom and says, "Its light outside!" He knows that when its dark outside he has to stay in bed, but when its light outside he can get up.  And typically he comes in and sees that Grant has already gone to work.  He'll say, "Where's daddy?" "He's at work buddy."  Then he replies, "Aww".  Pretty much everyday! 

Such a funny kid with an incredible imagination. Everyday with Eli is an adventure!!  We have a Rick Pino song on a cd in my car and every time it comes on he says, "It's the Holy Spirit! We need to pray. Pray Mommy!" And he and I will pray for a few minutes.

The other day at Target he and Grant were standing at the checkout and a kid had a shirt with a skull on it and other gross images.  Eli declared out loud, "Look Daddy!  That's not honoring God! Thats yucky!"  Grant was stuck because the other kid heard him say that!  I'm sure there are more moments like that to come.  Eli has such a heart for God!

We so love this kid and are beyond thankful to the Lord that he is ours!

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