Monday, May 30, 2011

A best friends wedding!

This are 2 of our dearest friends, now Kyle and Courtney Rogers! 
They got married on Saturday, May 28th and it was an amazing wedding! So creative and so sweet! This is a wedding we have been waiting for for a LONG time!

The groomsmen

The groom and his amazing Momma!

The wedding was outside set under an oak tree.  I was too far back with the kids to get great pics but it was amazing!

This is how they did the guest book.  Write a note and clip it to the fabric...

Canyon loving his heart made out of a straw

Beautiful Callie getting ready to go!

I wish I had taken more pictures.  There were so many friends we got to see and so much fun being had I didn't even think about it!

Congratulations Courtney and Kyle!!

The Mayborn Museum

This weekend we were in Waco for an epic wedding! Since Grant was a groomsman I had some fun time with just me and the kids.  We played in the pool at the hotel a LOT and then went to the Mayborn Museum at Baylor. It was a really fun 2 days!

This kids LOVES the pool and could swim all day if I would let him!

At the Egypt exhibit!

Practicing being a weather man!

Derek & Heather got married!

Our sweet friends Derek and Heather got married on May 22nd and it was such a beautiful wedding! These two exude the love of God so well!

And I love this washed out pic of Eli!

Some of the awesome decor!

Here comes the bride!

They're MARRIED!!!

My boys

Uncle T and Callie girl!

Callie and Miss Christina. LOVE her!

This was one of our favorite weddings.  Laid back and so refreshing!

Grant and the groom

Eli got pretty wild during the dancing and did NOT want to go home. 
My little party animal!

Mini Vacation!

2 weeks ago Grant and I went on a little 3 day cruise.  It was a 4 day trip all together and a great little get away!

Before we left Eli got in my suitcase and said, "Im all packed and ready to go!" with tons of giggles! So sweet!

Bon Voyage!

Our boat, the Norwegian Sky


Blue Lagoon Island!

My love.

We had a great time!  Pretty much just ate, slept, and read. So nice!

Eli & Daddy

I love this little snap shot of our life! The sweetness of my mornings!

These 2 are the best of friends! Every where they go they have a GREAT time!

Callie's Baby Dedication

On Mothers Day Callie was baby dedicated at church. She is such a cutie!
Grant's parents came in town for it and we all went to dinner afterwards.

I love this picture of us!

Callie's face makes me laugh here!