Monday, December 20, 2010


         I so look forward to Christmas time and all the fun holiday baking that we get to do. I am such a fan of giving little goodie tins to family friends for Christmas and its one of the highlights of my holiday to make stuff to give away.  Growing up we had one or two people each year that would bring homemade goodies to our house for my parents and I couldn't wait to dig in!  This is the first year Eli could really be a part of it and that was so much fun! Certainly messy but I know we are making memories.  Eli really loves to cook.  He loves to be in the kitchen with me and put on his little red apron and be my sous chef.  He is great at stirring and dumping things in the bowl!

Ready to put the cookies in the oven...

So proud of the work!  Note the incredible amount of green sugar sprinkles on the cookie closest to him.  He was going to town!  I had to take this picture 4 times because he kept looking at the sprinkles wanting to eat them.  

My creation. I was so excited to make my own frosting this year and ended up making two different recipes that were both terrible!  I was really bummed so we kept these for ourselves and snacked on them.

The finished product that we gave...

We made chocolate covered pretzels (white and milk chocolate), Peanut Butter Balls or Buckeyes, sugar cookies dipped in chocolate bark, hershey kiss peanut butter cookies and peppermint bark.  I'm getting hungry just looking at the picture!

After we gave these out I thought about doing chocolate covered oreos which are a holiday favorite of mine.  So we have some of those at the house now too :)

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