Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eli heard Jesus!

     I may have already written about some of this but this story really begins by explaining that Eli and his daddy are best friends.  Every day the first thing Eli wants to do it play with Daddy and is often really sad and disappointed to find Grant has already gone to work.  And about once a week he has a really sad moment during the day when he realizes Daddy hasn't been home that morning and won't be home until later that afternoon.  He truly is a Daddy's boy and could spend all day with him.  Its the delight of my heart to see their special bond and to have a husband who is truly the best father in the world.  He spends LOADS of time with our little man playing, wrestling, dancing, or whatever is in Eli's heart to do.

      So back to the story... The other day Eli had one of these "miss my daddy" moments. He looked at me and started frowning really big and his eyes welled up with tears and he started crying for Daddy.  I tried to console him but he was really sad and wouldn't move on. (Sometimes we call daddy and video chat and this helps him move on but we had already done that once that day!)  So the only thing I know to do in those moments in my life is to hear God and let him speak to whatever place in my heart needs it.  We've done this before with Eli but it hasn't made a difference until this day.  I told Eli, "Buddy, can we ask Jesus to help you and comfort you?"  "Yea," he said while crying.  So he repeated after me as I prayed, "Jesus, would you help Eli/me.  Would you make Eli's heart happy again?"  Then I told him Jesus was going to speak to him so he needed to be quiet and listen to what He had to say.  After a few seconds I said, "Did Jesus speak to you?" His eyes lit up and he said "Yea" with a big smile. "Well, what did He say?"  "He said He would make my heart happy again!" And he was laughing as he said this.  "So is your heart happy now?" I asked.  "Yep. Its happy" he replied.  And then I realized that Eli had just heard God speak to Him for possibly the first time!  There was such a noticeable change in his spirit like only God can bring and it was so fun to watch!
    I know this little man has a HUGE destiny on His life and I believe that his relationship with his earthly daddy is just a reflection of what His relationship will be like with His Heavenly Daddy.  I love watching him grow in the Lord!

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