Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Momma's girl

Callie is just getting so big! She'll be 19 months next week and every bit a toddler! Watching her develop over this past month has been amazing! Learning new words, more independence, loving to dance, playing chase...I LOVE who she is becoming!

Callie & Veggie Tales

Callie has finally figured out how to use the iphone! She's been playing with it for months but not really using the games...until now! And she has discovered veggie tales on the netflix app and the girl has gone wild! She just plays the theme song on repeat!

The oldest & youngest

These are my amazing Grandparents, Harvey & Annie Wright with Jack. 
The oldest and the youngest of the family all together.  These 2 are my heroes! They have been married for 62 years, have 4 kids, 10 grand kids, & 5 great grandkids.  They have loved and served Jesus faithfully all of their lives and are an amazing example of living a life of love.  They really have friends all over the nation that they still get together with and they love to travel. Grant and I want to be like them when we are old! 
About 12 years ago my grandpa had a heart attack that led them to move to my hometown and live about 2 miles from us.  This was so God's hand in my life! That move not only brought me closer to them but it set me up to encounter a personal relationship with God on a deeper level. Some of my favorite memories are going to their house after school and talking about God and the bible.  I am a truly blessed woman to come from such a Godly heritage that they have helped establish!


While at Silver Dollar City we stepped into the build a bear shop to get out of the rain and Eli got an idea. As he was looking around at all the bears to make he said, "Mom, I want to make a bear for Callie." "Grandpa, can I make a bear for Callie so when she goes night night she can have it to be a little more comfortable?"  Who could resist such a request! He looked around the store and picked a white bear and then picked out an outfit for it.

He picked the heart to say Hapiness and was VERY adament that that is what it was supposed to have inside of it.

 Getting ready to pump the fluff in

All done and dressed!

When we got home he was SO excited to give it to Callie and so hoping she would love it.

It took her a little while to warm up to it but I think she likes it!

For the next couple days he would ask her, "Callie, do you like Tippy or Clair Bear better?" So sweet! He truly is the most caring big brother!

Spring Break 2012

Grant got this idea to take our high schoolers on a fun trip to Branson and stay at my parents house for a couple of days and we were all in for a surprise! There were absolutely NO vans to rent anywhere close to us in Norman so the only thing available was this 2000 stretch limo!

Grant surprised all the boys with bling and the limo when they gathered to leave. The 4 girls and I drove up with the kids the night before and went to a fun dinner at Nakatos!

Thursday we headed down to Silver Dollar City for the afternoon and it was COLD!!

Grandpa rented a stroller for Callie (I forgot to bring it) but she insisted on walking....which was at a VERY slow pace.  Making memories!

Playing with the balls

After SDC we took everyone to Lamberts for some throwed rolls

Isnt she cute?!

Friday it was back to Silver Dollar City for the day and no little kids.  Callie and Jack stayed with Grandma and Annie Grandma for the day.

Riding the Great Shoot Out, Or "Amazing Shootout" as Eli called it

Having fun with Grandpa and his new pop gun

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I have ALWAYS wanted a daughter that looked just like me.  Its really been a life dream of mine (more so to have a daughter no matter what she looked like).  I look so much like my mom it has always seemed weird to me that I could have a little girl who looks nothing like me.  Fast foward and my little Callie Lake was born, light skined, light haired and big...BIG cheeks. I'll be honest, I've been a little bummed that we don't look much alike, but she's only 18 months so I'm holding out for later.  Well, last week at my parents house my dad brought out this picture from when I was about 2 and a half years old. While he was showing me this picture we looked over at Callie and she was making this face...

Dream realized!!! In fact, the face I am making in the top picture is one she makes a lot.  Who knows what she will grow to look like, but I hope its something like me!

Trip to the Zoo

At the beginning of spring break we took a little family trip to the OKC zoo for the day. It was Jack's first time and he loved it!

Not the best pic of us but I'm trying to get myself in some of these pictures before the kids are grown!

This was the most I have walked post baby and for a long time before that.  By the end of the day we were wiped out! But it was worth it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One month down...lifetime to go!

Jack at 1 month!

   I can say with all honesty that the first month of this little man's life has probably been one of the fastest months I have ever lived. Time has flown by in record speed! Even as I am writing this he will be 6 weeks old in 2 days! With all our ministry responsibilities, a 4 year old and a super active 18 month old life is just on super fast forward!  

Much of my month has been spent like this...
Me holding Jack, Callie snuggled up next to us and Eli right there too.  I have learned new meanings of "close proximity!"

Isn't he so cute here? I think this is about 2 weeks old.

As this month has unfolded we have realized just how much Eli and Jack look alike! I catch myself doing double takes often! So I decided to do a couple match ups. Eli is the left photo on both of these and Jack is the right but its amazing to see how similiar they look.

Jack is certainly a string bean! He is pretty long but oh so skinny!

Jack is so alert for a little guy. This is from our trip to the zoo the other day (he's 5 weeks here). When he's awake he is so alert taking in all the sites and sounds.

It took a couple weeks but I feel like I finally have my mind wrapped around this life with 3 little ones.  Its a busy pace of life but I am truly loving it!

Some Jack Fun Facts:  
*He snores...quite a bit when he sleeps on your chest
*He is sleeping 6 hours at night! Thank you Jesus!
*He is a little like a mole burrowing a hole in you when you hold him.  He nuzzles his head until he finds a comfy place...exactly what he did inside my tummy.
*He REALLY likes to be held or snuggled.  It takes less then 2 minutes to make him really mad if you put him down flat with no swaddle or pillows next to him. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Callie Mama

Callie was only 17 months old when Jack was born and bringing him home truly rocked her world.  She was not excited for about a week and a half and struggled a LOT with having to share mommy.  Not to mention that she got sick for a few days and only wanted me to hold her which meant she had to share my lap with Jack a lot and that was not her idea of a good time. Ha! After about a week something clicked in her and she was happy again and no longer a baby but a full on toddler.  She no longer wanted to eat in her high chair (but at the table like everyone else), started trying to climb out of bed, not wanting to nap, etc. In the last 3 weeks she has grown up so much!

The other big change was her maternal insticts getting turned on.  Truly like a light switch she now carries a "baby" everywhere, and wants to help Jack every time he cries! Here's a couple pics of her being caught in the act of mommy-ing her Claire Bear.

She rocks and her bear 

She climbs up and reads books to the bear

This is her other baby. She put her down and said, "cheese!"

Loving on Jack

18 months going on 16 carrying around he purse

Taking her baby outside to play

She is going to be an amazing mommy!

Best big bro...

This post is dedicated to my amazing man of God and best big bro Eli.  
There is such a mantle of tenderness and nurturing on this little guy. He loves to delight in his surroundings and his little siblings.  We have always known that he is prophetic and very sensitive to spiritual things but Im starting think he is going to be a song writer too!

While I was in labor Eli really wanted to stay in the room with me for a while. So he sat on this chair and learned about the contraction monitor. When he would see a contraction or see me taking a moment to breathe through it he would say, "Oh! Mom! Your having a squeezing moment!" He was so excited for Jack to get born.

After he came in and met Jack he looked at me and said, "Oh, your tummys not fat anymore!"  I so love this boy!

When he saw Jack for the first time his eyes lit up and I asked him what he thought. He said, "He's great!" Then a few seconds later he just started signing this spontaneous song. We weren't expecting it so we only got the very end on camera. The words of the song went like this, "Baby Jack, I love you! I just love you the way you are! You are so cute, so cute! I just love you the way you are."  It was such an amazing moment!! Way to declare identity over this little one fresh into the world! 

Eli said, "Look! Jack made his hands disappear!" 

This picture says it all.  This little man WILL change the world! Its what Wortman's do. And now he has a brother to help him do it.

When Eli held Jack at home he said, "Mom, Its just so peaceful."

I can NOT wait to see how these two will love each other and enjoy each other!

Jack Jonathan Edward Wortman!

Jack Jonathan Edward Wortman
Born February 9th, 2012
8lbs even
21 in long

Jack: Gracious
Jonathan: Precious Gift of God
Edward: Gaurdian of happiness

7 days over due, headed to the hospital to be induced.

We waited as long as they would let me for Jack to come out on his own, but 7 days later we were induced.  We headed in to the hospital and got it started.

The labor was pretty fast and easy.  We had to make several adjustments to the epidural strength and that actually made the time go by pretty fast.  The doc who gave the epidural was  unblievably fast. He was in and out of the room in 3 minutes, and had the epi in within 1.5 minutes.  I felt a little like I had been assaulted! But it was fine.  He had the meds flood in so quickly that my blood pressure fell way low and I thought I was going to pass out.  It wasnt bad but more like an adventure! In a weird way. Anyway, the meds were way to strong so we pulled them back, then I was at a 9 and feeling most of the contractions again. That was a little nerve-racking because I really wanted it to be fully working before Jack came out.  Another doc came back in, who went to Baylor and lived in Waco a long time, and he gave me a shot of something that kicked in right as I was complete and ready for him to come.  4 pushes later our little muffin head was born!

I couldn't stop crying!  I was emotionally numb when Eli was born, laughed when Callie came, and cried with Jack. What a range of emotions childbirth can bring!

I personally love this picture. After he was born Grant and I just kept marveling at how much he looked like Eli!

Happy Daddy!

In this pic he looks like Callie!

Grandpa, his name sake.

Mimi & Pops

Our first attempt at a pic as a family of 5. We still need a LOT of practice with this.

This is a great depiction of what was to come. Callie was not happy about not being the baby any more! 

Taking our little world changer home!