Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Crafts...

There's 4 days left until Christmas and I have been busy finishing all my christmas keepsake crafts for this year.  Here are the ones I chose to do and am loving the way they turned out.  I like to put little art pieces and photos of big moments from the year in our tree each year and these fit right in. Take a look!

These are Eli's fingers that I made into little snowmen.  I saw this idea on a blog and LOVED it.  Such a fun way to remember the size of his hands without being so obvious (like the ones below haha)

Here is Callie's.  I'm in love with this one and SO wish I had done something like this for Eli.  It makes a great addition to our tree.

Eli wanted to make one of these too because he wanted to get his feet painted!  I smeared some of the colored paint on his but oh well.  In the words of Hannah Montana... "Nobodies perfect!"

Here are the smaller ones nestled in my tree.  

  The last one I didn't do but really wanted to (I just might if I can find the time) is DIY snow globes.  I found this on a blog I absolutely love called www.designmom.com and here is the link to how to do it.  A super easy craft and really cheap if you have and glass baby food jars. Here's the link to that post so check it out!  DIY snow globes

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