Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Grant got this idea to take our high schoolers on a fun trip to Branson and stay at my parents house for a couple of days and we were all in for a surprise! There were absolutely NO vans to rent anywhere close to us in Norman so the only thing available was this 2000 stretch limo!

Grant surprised all the boys with bling and the limo when they gathered to leave. The 4 girls and I drove up with the kids the night before and went to a fun dinner at Nakatos!

Thursday we headed down to Silver Dollar City for the afternoon and it was COLD!!

Grandpa rented a stroller for Callie (I forgot to bring it) but she insisted on walking....which was at a VERY slow pace.  Making memories!

Playing with the balls

After SDC we took everyone to Lamberts for some throwed rolls

Isnt she cute?!

Friday it was back to Silver Dollar City for the day and no little kids.  Callie and Jack stayed with Grandma and Annie Grandma for the day.

Riding the Great Shoot Out, Or "Amazing Shootout" as Eli called it

Having fun with Grandpa and his new pop gun

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