Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One month down...lifetime to go!

Jack at 1 month!

   I can say with all honesty that the first month of this little man's life has probably been one of the fastest months I have ever lived. Time has flown by in record speed! Even as I am writing this he will be 6 weeks old in 2 days! With all our ministry responsibilities, a 4 year old and a super active 18 month old life is just on super fast forward!  

Much of my month has been spent like this...
Me holding Jack, Callie snuggled up next to us and Eli right there too.  I have learned new meanings of "close proximity!"

Isn't he so cute here? I think this is about 2 weeks old.

As this month has unfolded we have realized just how much Eli and Jack look alike! I catch myself doing double takes often! So I decided to do a couple match ups. Eli is the left photo on both of these and Jack is the right but its amazing to see how similiar they look.

Jack is certainly a string bean! He is pretty long but oh so skinny!

Jack is so alert for a little guy. This is from our trip to the zoo the other day (he's 5 weeks here). When he's awake he is so alert taking in all the sites and sounds.

It took a couple weeks but I feel like I finally have my mind wrapped around this life with 3 little ones.  Its a busy pace of life but I am truly loving it!

Some Jack Fun Facts:  
*He snores...quite a bit when he sleeps on your chest
*He is sleeping 6 hours at night! Thank you Jesus!
*He is a little like a mole burrowing a hole in you when you hold him.  He nuzzles his head until he finds a comfy place...exactly what he did inside my tummy.
*He REALLY likes to be held or snuggled.  It takes less then 2 minutes to make him really mad if you put him down flat with no swaddle or pillows next to him. 

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