Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Callie Mama

Callie was only 17 months old when Jack was born and bringing him home truly rocked her world.  She was not excited for about a week and a half and struggled a LOT with having to share mommy.  Not to mention that she got sick for a few days and only wanted me to hold her which meant she had to share my lap with Jack a lot and that was not her idea of a good time. Ha! After about a week something clicked in her and she was happy again and no longer a baby but a full on toddler.  She no longer wanted to eat in her high chair (but at the table like everyone else), started trying to climb out of bed, not wanting to nap, etc. In the last 3 weeks she has grown up so much!

The other big change was her maternal insticts getting turned on.  Truly like a light switch she now carries a "baby" everywhere, and wants to help Jack every time he cries! Here's a couple pics of her being caught in the act of mommy-ing her Claire Bear.

She rocks and her bear 

She climbs up and reads books to the bear

This is her other baby. She put her down and said, "cheese!"

Loving on Jack

18 months going on 16 carrying around he purse

Taking her baby outside to play

She is going to be an amazing mommy!

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