Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The oldest & youngest

These are my amazing Grandparents, Harvey & Annie Wright with Jack. 
The oldest and the youngest of the family all together.  These 2 are my heroes! They have been married for 62 years, have 4 kids, 10 grand kids, & 5 great grandkids.  They have loved and served Jesus faithfully all of their lives and are an amazing example of living a life of love.  They really have friends all over the nation that they still get together with and they love to travel. Grant and I want to be like them when we are old! 
About 12 years ago my grandpa had a heart attack that led them to move to my hometown and live about 2 miles from us.  This was so God's hand in my life! That move not only brought me closer to them but it set me up to encounter a personal relationship with God on a deeper level. Some of my favorite memories are going to their house after school and talking about God and the bible.  I am a truly blessed woman to come from such a Godly heritage that they have helped establish!

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