Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Best big bro...

This post is dedicated to my amazing man of God and best big bro Eli.  
There is such a mantle of tenderness and nurturing on this little guy. He loves to delight in his surroundings and his little siblings.  We have always known that he is prophetic and very sensitive to spiritual things but Im starting think he is going to be a song writer too!

While I was in labor Eli really wanted to stay in the room with me for a while. So he sat on this chair and learned about the contraction monitor. When he would see a contraction or see me taking a moment to breathe through it he would say, "Oh! Mom! Your having a squeezing moment!" He was so excited for Jack to get born.

After he came in and met Jack he looked at me and said, "Oh, your tummys not fat anymore!"  I so love this boy!

When he saw Jack for the first time his eyes lit up and I asked him what he thought. He said, "He's great!" Then a few seconds later he just started signing this spontaneous song. We weren't expecting it so we only got the very end on camera. The words of the song went like this, "Baby Jack, I love you! I just love you the way you are! You are so cute, so cute! I just love you the way you are."  It was such an amazing moment!! Way to declare identity over this little one fresh into the world! 

Eli said, "Look! Jack made his hands disappear!" 

This picture says it all.  This little man WILL change the world! Its what Wortman's do. And now he has a brother to help him do it.

When Eli held Jack at home he said, "Mom, Its just so peaceful."

I can NOT wait to see how these two will love each other and enjoy each other!

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