Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break (part 3)

We rounded out our quick trip with a visit to "Silver Dollar Movie City" as Eli called it. I have been so excited to take Eli since he became tall enough to ride the new kids rides!

Riding the tram in to the park...

This pic is from the awesome measuring station!  So kids can come and get measured by a worker and they give the child a wristband that lets them on to the rides without having to stop at each ride and get measured. And they write a contact number on the band in case you get separated from your child. Genius!

Eli's first roller coaster ride!

Succotash! So good!

Hilarious hair on my part, but sweet moment with my boy!


Challenging Grandma to a pig race!

Waiting for the train...

Love that we asked Eli if he wanted to take a picture with the conductor and he said, "Um...who is he?" So funny!

It was a delightful day and I am so glad we did it! Eli was not so into the waiting in lines part but the rest was awesome!  So fun to be moving into a stage with him where we can do more of these interactive type things!


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