Wednesday, March 23, 2011


    For a couple of years now I have thought from time to time that I would really like to sew.  After all, I did make straight A's in my sewing section of my domestic class in 8th grade.  And I have always known that my great-grandma was a prolific seamstress as well as my aunt on the other side of the family.  My aunt actually made clothes for my Barbies on many occasions! Every year for New Years since Eli was born I have taken on a project-type resolution and it has been wonderful!  The first year I learned to scrapbook.  Year  Year 3...committing to do crafty things more regularly (painting, etc).  Year 4...SEWING! This year I decided to make my project be learning to sew. The only problem is that I needed a machine.  Just before Christmas I decided it was time to commit to my 2011 project resolution so I sent the following email to my mom.  I was pretty sure it was a long shot but I had hope that I could sucker her into one more Christmas (I am so still a little kid at heart!)

Dear Santa,
     I know I have made a lot of requests for Christmas this year, but I would really like to make one more request.  Today I was reminded again that I have been really wanting a sewing machine for quite some time.  I still would really like to sew and make home-made goodies.  I know that I have been passed down the best genes possible for this as the line of women in my family are all bent toward sewing. How can I deny my genetic pre-disposition any longer?  Furthermore, it would mean the world of sugar plums and gum drops if this machine could do embroidery as well.  I have visions of monograming my way through my thirties.   To make it easier on your elves I have found a machine that can do both.  

I know that it will cost a lot of snowballs and I am willing to exchange or substitute some of my previous requests for this one if the elves would allow.  This Christmas I'm really hoping you are still working in the North Pole and I promise that I have been a good girl!

Sincerely and shamelessly manipulative,
The mother of your grandchildren

PS, Im laughing out loud writing this.  Hope you thought it was funny!

    I'm happy to report that Santa did deliver and I am in sewing heaven!  I haven't had the time to bust the machine out until the last 3 weeks but I am in awe of all it can do.  It has an embroidery feature which is so cool so I can personalize...well..everything!!

    I'm not sure how I feel about this belt but I made it anyway.

My first official project is this little zipper pouch...which I am giving as a gift this weekend. 

Here is the link to the blog about making this zipper pouch: 

   I am so excited to keep making all kinds of things! I am still learning how to keep my lines straight...but after that...LOOK OUT WORLD! 

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