Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Callie is 6 months

    Even though in 8 days Callie will be 7 months...I thought I would do a 6 month post before it was too late!  My sweet Callie is 6 months right now and I can't believe its going by so fast!!!!!

      Callie, you don't seem to love rolling over.  Although you can, you sure don't do it very much.  I think its funny to watch you get so frustrated at being on your tummy when you know how to roll over. You are starting to sit up on your own but only for about 15 seconds.  You pretty much always burp once you get situated in your upright position (which is slightly bent over your belly).

    Callie, I think your are the prettiest baby.  You have the cutest rosy cheeks and big blue eyes. I LOVE how happy you are. You are pretty much always happy and content unless your fiery angry and hungry.  We joke that you have 2 gears...peaceful/happy and raging mad. But usually your only mad if your hungry so it doesn't last long.

    Callie, you LOVE to make eye contact with people.  And every time you do, you light up with a smile.  I love to sing to you and hear you laugh and giggle along.  Eli is your best friend.  You love everything he does.  It is so sweet to watch you watch him walk all around the room and play.  He plays with you so well too!

     You are an incredible sleeper.  All we do is swaddle you up and you sleep about 12 hours a night which makes Mommy & Daddy very happy.  In the mornings Eli likes to go into your room and turn your light on and talk to you.  Lately he has been getting into your crib with you and playing with you.  He walks up and down over you and you laugh and laugh!

     Mommy is definitely your favorite.  Last night Daddy was trying to feed you and you were hardly eating your oatmeal and blended fruits.  As soon as I started feeding you, you started eating like a champ and finished the whole jar.

    We truly cannot imagine our lives without you sweet Callie!  Your infectious joy and laughter has become a staple need of my day. Right now we call you so many different nick names!  Callie Bear is very common, Callie Baby, Cal, Cal Gal, and Lakey just to name a few.

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