Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eli's First Official Haircut!

    Yes, he has had his hair cut many times before, but I have always cut his hair myself until this week!  I would just put him in the high chair with a few chocolate chips on the tray and let him have a treat while I snipped away.  I think I have done a pretty good job over the last 3 years!  But we have decided that we liked his hair longer which is a little above my skill set. My last attempt to cut his hair ended with it being very chopped up. As its grown out it has needed to be shored up.  So we took him to Great Clips and he was really excited!

This is the before shot and he is making his "junior asparagus" face here.  This was also how he explained what he wanted done to his hair.  "I want junior asparagus hair!"

You can tell how long and poofy it was in this pic if you look close enough.

The stylist kept commenting to me how amazed she was at his calmness and how well he was doing staying still.  Proud Mommy moment!

The after shot!

His little hair cut only cost $6.99 because of a "hair cut sale"! He is becoming such a big kid before our very eyes.  I love it but it is certainly bittersweet.

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