Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break (part 1)

    This spring break we decided to take a quick trip up to Springfield to pack in as much entertainment as possible!  Haha! The first thing we did was a trip to the Circus!  We certainly didn't know it would be 2 hours long, but we were actually impressed!

Before the show they offered pony rides and elephant rides.


Eli had a great time!

This guy balanced vases on his head while twirling around. It was incredible.

No ropes, no nets, no safety anything.

3 generations of awesome women! I love Callie's little face here!

She didn't last long. Thankful for Grandma to hold her the whole time!

Elephant rides. The things we do for love...

Didn't see the iphone shadow when we took this.  Oh well! And I forgot to get a picture of the 4 of us before we left.

Did I mention I loved the elephants? They were so fun!

This guy was crazy. He walked in and around this thing as it circled around in the air. Truly hard to watch because it was crazy!!! 

He tripped once which got us really nervous!

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