Wednesday, March 23, 2011


   In our house....pirates, water, and pirate ships are an everyday reality.  Those that know Eli know that he is almost always on water somewhere.  Most of the carpet in our house is "water" and various other surfaces.  I'm not sure when the fascination began but its been at least 8 months!  He loves to watch the Veggie Tales "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" movie which I think had something to do with it.  On a recent vacation, Grandma and Grandpa went to Tortola Island (an old pirate capitol) and came home with a LOT of souvenirs for Eli.  An official hat, 2 shirts, a wooden gun, an eye patch, a sand bucket and pictures of ships!  I'm not really into the skull and cross bones but these were pretty neutral and not scary looking. Still weird for my kids to be walking around town with a skull and bones hat!

This shirt is so cute, it says "Hand over the hugs!"

    Eli loves the pirate goodies so much he wore the hat and carried the gun all around town for 2 days!  Here we are at lunch.

Great Grandparent pic.

This is Callie's new headband. When Eli saw her in it he said, "Callie looks like a girl pirate!"

After we got home the pirate was off to slay the dragon in our backyard.

The imagination in this little man is out of this world.  It's fun to watch the variety of characters he plays on a daily never know if your talking to a pirate, a cowboy, a preacher, a dragon slayer or just Eli...who sometimes likes to be called Steve.

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