Saturday, January 28, 2012

God loves him more than me...

    Yesterday was an interesting day.  Out of the blue Eli shared with me that the other night he had a nightmare and began to describe the contents of the dream to me.  It was a pretty intense dream and we spent some time talking about it and praying against the lies that the enemy had said about God.  The main jist was that he had been chained up and Jesus could not come and get him because he was too busy healing people.  Pretty intense I know, but what happened later was so cool that I had to share this.  We prayed and God spoke to Eli that he is never too busy to come to his rescue, no matter what. 
   So this morning when Eli woke up he came to our room and said, "Dad, Mom, God came and spoke to me in my sleep."  Ofcourse we wanted to hear more!  He said while he was sleeping he felt something on his back and he said, "Hey, What is that?" Then he realized it was God sitting next to him and rubbing his back. Then God said to him, "I am never too busy for you." Then he went back to sleep.

   WOW!!!!  We were amazed and thankful to the Lord for driving this point home so well.  I am thanking God again this morning that He cares for and loves my kids more then I ever could (after all, they are really HIS kids just on loan to me for a while).  He cares so much that a little 4 year old would know and trust His much more for you and me!

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