Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Callie Lake turned One!!

Ok so I am SERIOUSLY behind on my blogging so I'm just going to catch up by a few posts that were major highlights since last May (like 8 months ago!).

This was a party I had been planning in my head for at least 6 months!  I was so pleased with how everything came together (as we all know, one year old parties are pretty much more for the adults!).

Putting together some of her newborn clothes was so crazy! 
Hard to remember when she was so tiny!

Pics and bows

We had some amazing food that I don't think we got a picture of.  On the Border wraps and chips and good!

Party favor cookies. "C"s and "1"s.

My birthday girl!

Her smash cake.

Offering some icing to friends.

The grandparents with the birthday girl. She was not very into having her picture taken.

After a quick bath it was present time

  I was hoping she would be walking by her birthday but not quite. Even for a  non-walker Callie could seriously get around!  What a priviledge it is to be Callie's mommy! She is one happy girl!

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