Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cherish the thought...

I have the most amazing son.  He regularly shares his deep thoughts with me and I am consistently amazed at the things that he thinks about! Everything from using his piggy bank to go to Orange Leaf to who will make sure he can drive to the grocery store to buy stuff for him and Callie if Grant and I die soon.  I know the latter is a little morbid but its such a picture of his personality.  He is a care-taker and an amazing big brother.  What a gift!

Today he whipped out another deep thought that I wanted to make sure and cherish! We were walking through the valentines section at Walmart and he asks me, 
"Mom, what should we get for Jesus?"
     "What do you mean?"
"Like a present. What should we buy for Jesus?"
     "Well, what do YOU think we should buy for him?"
"Well, maybe a BIG shirt because He is really big?" And he points out a pillsbury doughboy shirt that says "Poke Me" on it. (the joys of not being able to read). "This shirt is HUGE, maybe this one!"
    "Thats an interesting idea. What is the present for? Like a birthday present or just to tell Him we love him?"
"Mom, like a present."
    "Ok, how about some M&Ms?"
"Oh great idea!........Mom, how are we going to get them up to Him?.....OH! I have an idea! When it starts to snow we can call the wise men and have them come get the M&Ms and take them to baby Jesus!"
   "Wow, thats a good idea"
" the wise men even have a phone?"
   "I don't think they do."
"Well, HOW are we going to reach them so they can take the M&Ms for us?!?"

Then we talked about how Jesus is always with us and He probably wants to eat the M&Ms with us...which was an idea he seemed to like a LOT.

Oh to be like a child in how we see God.  I think Eli put a big smile on Jesus' face today. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love that! Joining your blog right now for more Eli thoughts:)