Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eli turned 4!

For Eli's birthday we planned to take him to Disney World, but we still wanted to be able to let him celebrate with his friends. So we have a little Pumpkin themed Pizza Party for our little mighty man.

Little pumpkins filled with candy and bags of chocolate drizzled carmel corn as party favors.

Puppy chow and more chocolate popcorn for snacks

Our family tradition October birthday brownie yummy!

Callie LOVES to party!

One of my favorite parts of the party was the mystery decorating contest. 
Each family pulled out random facial decorations and had to make a pumpkin face 
out of them.

The finished product. The arab man was my favorite!

Then we played a fun game Grant came up with... "Pumpkin Pong".
Each person got 5 ping pong balls to bounce off the island and into the cups.
Each cup had different point totals. Of all the guest (including the adults) Eli got the most points! I was amazed and glad he won on his birthday.

Cake time!

The friends! Some amazing world changers in this picture.

Mom and Dad with the birthday boy

And a family pic. Barely showing with baby 3 in this one!

Eli had a LOT of help opening his presents.

It was a fun night to celebrate our little man.  Eli is truly a one of a kind little man. We are blessed beyond measure to have him in our family!

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