Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Disney World!!!!

In October we headed to Disney World and had an AMAZING vacation!

Callie is SO grandma's girl! She wouldn't sleep on the plane with me or Grant and as soon as we connected flights with my mom she was over to her and out! Not very fair but VERY welcome!

When we got to the hotel there was a voice mail waiting for Eli....A happy birthday message from Mickey and Minnie! He was pretty excited about that!

Callie playing with grandma!

We have soooo many pictures so these are just a few of the highlights.
Daddy and Eli on the way in to Hollywood Studios.

Callie loving her new outfit!

Getting ready for the Star Wars ride. It was a little intense for him but he made it through.

Not loving that it was Eli's turn to wear the shades.

Callie was a parade magnet. They all loved her.

Family pic on the Nemo ride. Callie had just woke up.

Loving the ferry rides

Eli really enjoyed getting to look through the maps and help plan out our routes. 

Tea cups

Sweet kisses from Daddy

Grants "favorite" ride.

Eli got totally "pirate-ized" and decked out.

Meeting Mickey. Eli LOVED it, Callie was NOT happy with all the characters coming to meet her. She smacked Donald in the face for getting too close. What a funny girl!

He would not be happy for me posting this picture! Grant was not thrilled about the ponchos.

One of our highlights was coming back to our hotel each night and partaking of the dessert bar. One of Eli's favorite memories for sure!

Saying goodbye and THANKS for an amazing time!

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