Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A blog-worthy day...

*****This is a poop story so don't keep reading if you don't want to hear about that!

What a day yesterday was!  It started with me getting some time away at the gym. I came home with my tank full and excited to spend the day with my kids...and man was I going to need it. I told Eli that we could paint because he has really gotten into doing crafts lately.  He painted a couple of pictures and here are 2 of them.

When he showed the pictures to Daddy he said, "This is the pipe with the water."  He has also become fascinated with how the water in the toilet magically disappears into the ground.  Little did I know these pictures were actually like prophetic art!  I should have known.  So about 30 minutes later and Eli says to me, "I made poopies."  "In your underwear?!?!"  I exclaimed.  "Yep.  Its hot its hot!"  So I rushed him to the bathroom and low and behold he had complete diarrhea, all liquid in his underwear. As we were taking the underwear off the poop ran all down his legs and onto the floor.  It was truly disgusting!  When it got on the floor he then accidentally stepped in it and he started freaking out.  Eli really values being clean and he was mortified!  He started crying and screaming, and looked like he had been playing in the mud with no clothes on.
  So I took his underwear and was rinsing them out in the toilet to try and get as much of the crap off as I could.  Oh, and to make matters worse, these were his new underwear that he picked out himself that have Yo Gabba Gabba on them.  So I rinse the undies a little and lay them over the side of the toilet so I can start cleaning him up.  I'm cleaning him and throwing toilet paper in the toilet and I flush it and turn to keep cleaning him.  Then I hear, "OOOOHHHHHH NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  MY UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!! ITS GONE!!!!"  "What?!?!" And I turn and look and the underwear had fallen off the edge of the toilet and had been flushed down the toilet.  Oh my Lord!  I was freaking out thinking I had just destroyed our plumbing system! A year ago Eli flushed a bunch of trash and toilet paper down the toilet and backed up our system and it was an enormous mess with our bathtub filling up with sewer water too.  All I could think of now was flashbacks to how horrible that was.
   So at this point Eli is now in stage 10 hysteria and keeps crying for his underwear.  I call my husband to figure out how to fix this but he didn't answer.  When I finally got him on the phone he told me I had to flush the toilet again to see what would happen.  But I knew I needed to finish cleaning Eli up in case the whole plumbing system did back up because then I would have 2 huge messes.  So Eli is in the shower, which he hates, and I'm cleaning him up while he's screaming crying for his Daddy.  I am just laughing at this point because I cannot believe this is happening.  I finally just asked Eli if he could find a way to stop crying for just a minute.  "You can cry about this later but I need you to just not cry for a minute."  And he agreed to trying to calm down.
   I was able to get him all cleaned up and the bathroom as well and we started running all the water in the house to try and flush the underwear all the out of our pipes.  By the grace of God we have not had any plumbing problems from that.  But the rest of the day Eli kept saying, "Mommy, you flushed my underwear down the toilet."  "Yea buddy, I did. I'm really sorry." I would say.  And every person that came to our house yesterday, about 7 people, he proceeded to tell them I flushed his underwear!
  But the best part of the story is what happened next!  That evening I was meeting with some of my youth leader girls and Eli says, "Mommy, I have to go pee pee!" very enthusiastically.  "Well ok, go go go!"  I shouted.  Then from the bathroom I hear, "Pee Pee to the rescue!"  I'm thinking...what in the world does that mean?  Eli comes back out from the bathroom and says "Mommy, I sent my pee pees to rescue my the neighborhood."  "Well ok!  I hope they find them." And I hope I never have to go through something like that again.

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