Saturday, September 22, 2012

First day of Pre K

 Can it really be that my little first born is almost 5????
This year Eli started pre-k in the afternoons.  It is so strange that he goes somewhere every day and has been a big realization that this is the first step to the next 12 years of school for him! WOW! He was so excited for his first day and Callie was really confused about not being to go with him.  She had a really hard time that she had to leave Eli there at the school and she couldn't stay and play with him! 

I couldn't ever get her smiling in the picture but she was VERY excited to pose with him by his school room door.

Even as I write this its been about a month of school and Eli LOVES it.  He has made friends, and just loves all the fun things they get to do.

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