Saturday, September 22, 2012

Callie Turned 2!!

My precious, fiery, passionate, mothering little lady turned 2.  It really is so hard for me to believe that she is growing up so fast.  She has talked gibberish for so long but more of her words are understandable now, she's not quite as fiesty all the time, and is seriously the most joyful, fun kid ever! I truly adore her.  On her actually birthday we had a little family celebration with happy meals and cookie cake so she would know it was her birthday.  Then the next day was her official party.

So Happy Birthday Callie Lake! You make life so full and fun!

Say "Cheese!"

One of her gifts from us, a baby car seat which she brings to the car often.

 Party time! 
She LOVES disney princess stuff so we had a princess party (even though most of her friends are boys!)


It was an interesting idea to get a picture of all the kids! Ha! 
There are 2 missing from the picture but its real life!

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