Sunday, April 24, 2011


We started off the morning with our outdoor service being rained out...and not just rained out but torrential downpour! We desperately needed the rain so no major complaints!

This is the first of Callie's 3 Easter outfits.  Not on purpose.  This one got soaked in formula from a bottle malfunction but it sure was cute!

On to a little photo shoot of the kids.  This is Callie's #2 outfit.  I knew it would be too cold to go outside in, but it matched Eli well! I LOVE this pic of Callie and Daddy.

Almost crawling!

Our secret superhero!

Then we were off to brunch at the Embassy Suites.  This was a last minute brainstorm of what to do for Easter lunch.  It was awesome! 
Cute little bunny napkin

On to Callie's outfit #3! lol

Mim & Pops and the grandkids

My awesome family :)

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