Monday, May 30, 2011

8 month highlights of Callie

This month has FLOWN by! I have had to resort to making lists of the blogs I've wanted to write because there has been no time in between weddings and travel!  As Callie will be 9 months in 3 days I thought I could still squeeze in a post about her at 8 months.  Here are a couple of her fun facts...

  This month Callie is certainly between sizes.  Most 12 month clothes are too small so 18 month clothes it is!  The size transition has resulted in blowouts almost everyday for about a week.  So gross!  

This month Callie started holding her own bottle and tipping it up to drink out of it.

I LOVE this rare little moment! You, Callie, are NOT a flexible sleeper because you are such a light sleeper.  This moment lasted about 15 minutes before a noise woke you up.

This has been a face we have seen most of the month! I'm not sure why, but Callie does this a couple times a day almost every day.  Our little Elmer Fudd!

PUFFS!!!! Finally got the hang of puffs and some other table foods too. Bananas are a big hit with this girl!

Out at dinner she gets the high chair now. This night the kids were being crazy and the wait for our food was extra long.  Sometimes I feel like we are raising a circus!

This face replaced the Elmer Fudd face.  Callie spent about 2 weeks not smiling without her tongue out!

Almost crawling! This month she mastered moving, but not crawling yet. She can turn circles and go backwards everywhere!  We have joked that all her moving gears are stuck in reverse. She gets up on her hands and knees and then starts scooting/rocking backwards and can go backwards across the whole room! Just yesterday she has mastered the sit-to-crawl position and back. So fun to watch her get mobile!

This month Callie didn't wear many bows. She has figured out how to pull them down and eat them, which has resulted in the dye from the bow staining some clothes! So we had to take a break for a little bit!

  Callie is truly one of a kind!  She is the happiest most charming little baby there is.  Every day we get comments on how smiley or happy she is, how she willingly gives her smiles to anyone, how pretty she is, etc.  There is a fire in this little girl that we are just seeing come out.  Can't wait to see all that she becomes over the next few years!  She has determination and drive with such a happy face! 

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