Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brown Tie Affair

  April 2nd we got to celebrate my dad as he was honored at the Colon Cancer Awareness Brown Tie Affair.  It's a night to raise money for colon cancer awareness with a dinner, silent auction, and casino night.   As you enter the ballroom you have to walk through an inflatable intestine with facts about the colon and colon cancer.  THAT was an interesting experience!

The man of the hour, my dad, and my beautiful mom!

I have always said my dad was the best doctor in the world and certainly the best gastroenterologist.  In the height of his prime he was doing around 33 cases (patients) per day! Thats double want any of his colleagues were able to do.   Not to mention that he has been voted one of 417's top doctors several times! He is a brilliant man and offers phenomenal patient care.  I have lots of memories growing up seeing him offering his off hours to help talk his patients through their medical needs with the deepest sincerity and compassion. He truly has made a lasting impact on all of Southwest Missouri!

My brother, David, and sister-in-law Kristina

My Grandparents

The honorary award!

The plaque says: 
"Honoring Dr. Lawrence Gurian for his years of service in providing care through colonoscopy screening to ensure the prevention of colon and rectal cancers.  Your gift of time, compassion, and excellence in medical care has touched thousands of lives and given your patients the opportunity for good health."

  Proud to celebrate you Dad!  Wouldn't have missed it for the world!

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