Sunday, April 24, 2011

Showering Joy Bennett!

 Last week we threw a HUGE baby shower for Julie Bennett. We had around 45 people come around 9 hostess!  Julie is one LOVED woman pregnant with her 4th baby, and her first girl!! Since we know this will likely be her last baby and they have wanted a girl so deeply I did not want to hold back on this one! LOTS of handmade crafts went into this. 

My hostess "co-captian" and I, Heather Hughes!

The food was DELICIOUS! Some of the best shower food I've ever had.  A HUGE thank you to the ladies who brought the food.

I had a LOT of fun working on all the little projects for the shower.  Grant was in Africa hunting for 10 days so the crafts helped me pass the time quickly.  I LOVE putting little personal touches on decorations!

This is the ball that hung in the center over the food table.  It is crepe paper roses glued onto a bouncy ball.  Total it cost $3 and everything was from the dollar store. All you do is cut a piece of the streamer about 1.5 feet long.  Roll it up and twist while you roll it.  Then just a little hot glue to close it and glue it onto the ball.  I tied a ribbon around the ball so it would hang after the roses were on it.

Cupcake tags! 
Some of my favorite things to make!

Of course we had to have a station for people to ask God to speak to them about the baby.
One of my FAVORITE things has been watching the promises God spoke about my children come to pass.  How special that He spoke before they were even born and many of those things are so true about my kids! I love for others to hear them too!

Close-up of the "name frame" I created for Baby Joy.
I love making art in photoshop and this took me all of 5 minutes.
These are the different meanings of her name, Joy Elizabeth Bennett.

I know this picture is bad, but next to the prophetic words station was a spot for the women
to write down a favorite "Mommy & Me" activity or tradition.

Money/gift card tree...

Mantle/Gift area

Close up of the banner.  I used coffee filters as the backing.

   We had a really great time, so much so that I forgot to get a picture of the Mom-to-be! Now we wait until Baby Joy's arrival!

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