Monday, May 30, 2011

Antioch's A Night With the Stars

This year our volunteer banquet was an awards show theme, "A Night With the Stars" the Antioch Volunteer Awards. I was in charge of the decorating which let me make a few crafts I had been wanting to do!

Some tables had coffee filter "flower" balls and others had a wrapped vase with a printed design on it.

I also got to fulfill a little dream of mine to be a red carpet host! We had a red carpet and camera set up and Bo Walbrick and I interviewed people as they came in the door.  We had the camera hooked up to the screen in the main room so people could watch as everyone came in.  Most people didn't realize they were being "broadcast" until they got into the ballroom.  It was SO much fun!

Check that one off my bucket list!

Here are our youth leader women. SO blessed by these girls this year.  They have helped me tremendously!

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