Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Yea" phase

   We have officially entered the "Yea" phase with Eli, and I couldn't love it more!  You know the one, where you ask a question and in their sweet little voice respond with a gentle "yea".  We'll be talking about what he did at school (his mom's day out program) and he will say that he played on the playground. I'll ask him, did you do the slide? "Yea" he'll say as he uses his hands to make the going down the slide motion.  And it seems that with every "yea" he feels so satisfied that he's actually communicated what he was trying to say.
   Truly, my heart literally melts inside every time I hear it.  Its like I, too, have this completely satisfied feeling that we are finally communicating on a conversational level.  At times when I feel extremely emotional just hearing his little "yea" brings tears to my eyes and I just want to run to him, sweep him into my arms, shower him with kisses and hold him so tight hoping that somehow I can cherish these days enough that I'll be able to remember them forever.
   And isn't that the Father's heart for us!  Every little stage that we grow into truly brings Him more joy!  I have heard it said that "God will never be able to love us more than he already does and nothing we can do can or will earn his love toward us.  But we can grow in favor in His eyes."  As we journey with Jesus and consistently make choices to heed the voice of the Holy Spirit, obey His commands, put God first and pursue a life of Holiness we can grow in favor before Him.  I find this to be true with my relationship with my kids as well.  I cannot love them anymore than I did the moment I found out I was going to have them.  On the day they were born I began to discover how to show them all the love that I feel but nothing over the last couple of years has made me love them more.  When Eli does a favor for me and helps get me something for Callie, or obeys quickly with a joyful heart it does not change the way I love him...although I am super blessed by his actions.
    So often we spend our time, money, and energy trying to earn the approval of our Father.  Our Heaven Daddy cannot love you anymore then He already does and its the delight of His heart to lavish that upon us.  If I am overcome with emotion and affection for my 3 year old (in 2 weeks) just because he says "yea" so sweetly, then how much MORE is our Heaven Daddy overcome with emotion towards us!
    For those of you needing the Lord to run over to you, sweep you in His arms and lavish you with affection for the first time or for a fresh touch just ask Him.  The sweetness of your voice, as His child, is enough to melt His heart.

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