Saturday, October 30, 2010

As far as the East is from the West...

   I'm wondering lately why its so hard for us to take God at His word.  God speaks, "You're beautiful" and we speak back, "Thanks God, but I'd be more beautiful with...(fill in the blank)."  He says, "I love you. You are mine" and we immediately think, "But I wish that someone would tell me I am chosen and special."  He speaks, "You are forgiven and you are free" and we keep bringing the same sin struggles to Him asking for forgiveness.  It's like our human minds are incapable of deleting the sins from our lives.  Thats not to say that there aren't consequences for our sin...because there are.  But when we come and confess and repent of our sin to the Father He literally deletes the account of it from our record.  "As far as the East is from the West"....thats how far He removes our sins from us!  When I want to feel ashamed of my sin, or dig up old graves of past sins that are dead and buried I have to do it without Him by my side.  Because it would contradict His nature and character to go with me and revel in old sin patterns.
  In the cross we have freedom from sin.  So any significant sin struggle that we have in our lives is so easily defeat-able....because its already been taken care of by the cross!  Its our job, then, to elevate ourselves into Heaven's perspective.  Its our job to take God at His word.  Believe what He says about us as the supreme and only opinion that truly matters!  When we get into Heaven's perspective, we realize that all sin is easily overcome-able because we know who God is and how small the enemy is in comparison to God.

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