Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend in MO

After Infusion & Jump camp we headed to Missouri for a little fun!

Grandpa does a great job of getting little gifts when we come. This time Eli got a new nerf bow & arrow just like his favorite, Hawk Eye, on the Avengers. And he generously got me a new camera after Callie lost mine (we're pretty sure she put it in the box that went to goodwill!)

Daddy helped Grandma install some new swings that were a HUGE hit.

LOVE this face Callie is making!

My 3 world changers.

And of course we went swimming!

Playing with a feature on my new camera.

I didn't get any pics of Callie swiming but that girl is fearless! She was LOVING jumping in off the side.  Eli asked me to go off the diving board so I did and then Callie really wanted to! She's crazy...and we didn't let her by the way.

Eli REALLY wanted to go to the Discovery Center so we all went together.
 Jack was clearly having a good time!

Builder Callie

So...I guess she had never seen a mouse before.  She picked it up, looked at all the sides, then put it up and said "hello?"  Diagnosis had been made...looks like a phone!

Playing grocery store....but she kept trying to eat everything.

Daddy always has so much fun with them

Eli working the check out line

And the BIG hit of the day...enormous bubbles!

The best part of the whole trip was that not one kid cried on the 5 hour drive home! It was kind of amazing. They slept a lot and then watched a movie and were super chill the whole drive. 

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