Friday, April 27, 2012

Jack 2 months!

Here's Jack at 2 months and 1 day old!

Jack Facts:
Smiles when you smile at him
LOVES to snuggle & be held
Squeals LOUDLY when starting to get burped
Loves to lick my shoulder when I'm holding him
Won't sleep very long without being swaddled
Burrows his head in my elbow or arm pit to get comfy
We call him Jackie Boy most of the time
Callie calls him "Gack" and LOVES to run to him when he's crying
 with the paci or a bottle or blanket.
Eli loves to sing and talk to him and LOVES when Jack 
smiles at him. "Mom! He's smiling at me!!"
I truly think he is spiderman! He makes crazy amounts 
of fuzz balls in his fingers and toes 

He's SO big for not even 3 months! This is at 2 months 3 weeks

We are so in love with this little man! Can't imagine life without him, even though its much crazier with the addition, and we're filled with wonder to see who he will become!

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