Friday, April 27, 2012

Callie Lake 19 Months

Getting a good picture of Callie right now is pretty difficult.  She either doesn't want to take one or throws her head way back and says cheese so she doesn't look like herself.  I'm kind of waiting for the day when she confronts me on not having very many pictures of her from these last few months.

Callie Facts:
OBSESSED with the iphone and loves to change the background screen, settings, and call people. She will try and dig it out from my pockets so she can play with it.
Loves dresses and Nightgowns.  When I give her options of dresses she says the worlds cutest "ooooh!" and its so precious!
Callie has become VERY maternal over the last month. She loves to help Jack with things and has something as a baby with her all the time.
She has become a really picky eater
Loves her brothers and loves sitting next to Eli or on his lap
OBSESSED with Veggie Tales
Hilarious dancer. Its a mix of head banging and robotic jerking. So cute
Does not like when people are crying, she will fake cry and want to be comforted too
She has a pretty good vocabulary and communicates quite effectively.
Me: "Want some?" Callie "thumb"
Still on the move pretty much all the time
Puts her hands on my face to turn it and make me look at her when she's wanting attention
This month she discovered how to jump on the couch from the coffee table and that has made for hours of fun!

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