Thursday, February 10, 2011

I need a hero!

"I need a hero!  I'm holding on for a hero til the end of the night. He's gotta be strong, he's gotta be cool and he's gotta be fresh from the fight. I need a hero!!"

     These are the lyrics running through my head quite often these last few days.  I have been thinking about getting Eli a super hero costume or pajamas for several months now because I knew he would love it. I have looked so many times and could not find a store that carried them for less than $20!  But last week all that changed.  I was at target with Eli and Callie and I came across some superman pajamas. The only size they had was 5T (mind you Eli is 3 years old).  He normally wears a 4T but I figured these would fit.  Plus, a little big just means we get to enjoy them longer.  I held up that pajamas to Eli and said, "What do you think about these?"  He face got very serious and he simply said, "Put them in the cart."  "Do you like them?" I asked. "Yes, put them in the cart!" he responded.  So it was clear he loved them and we got them...for $10 at that! Normally I would think that was a lot for just one pair of pajamas, but these were special and I had one of those mom moments where you know buying this will affect the rest of his life for the better.

And seriously, has there ever been a cuter pic than Eli as superman????  He LOVES the cape, it velcro's on/off for sleeping. When he woke up the next morning he came to my room with the cape in hand, ready to assume hero status again.

Here he is learning to fly with some help from Dad.

Every hero needs a little break, right?

And his side-kick, Gilly (the alligator). Truth be told, we bought Gilly at IKEA to be the comforter friend when the other (much more reasonably sized stuffed dog was getting washed).  The dog, Jake, has taken second place (although still very much around) to Gilly since we got him.  Gilly is about 3 feet long and it still makes me laugh when Eli needs to take Gilly with us places in public. We get a lot of stares.

     Eli pretty much has not stopped wearing his superman shirt since I bought it.  It hit me yesterday just how monumental these pajamas will be.  Because he will be able to wear them this whole year I know that Eli will have memories of being in these jammies.  It was quite a weird moment to realize that he will most likely look back on his childhood and remember the wonder of being like superman.  And I will always remember it too!  Eli is the most tender-hearted strong-willed kid I've ever met and most certainly the CUTEST superman ever!

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