Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to Back Blizzards...

What interesting weather we've had this month!  2 weeks in a row we've had a snow storm that forced us to cancel our Wednesday night service! The first was a legit blizzard with crazy winds, raining ice, loads of snow.  Here's a pic out of our dinning room window the morning the blizzard was still coming. 

  School was cancelled for 4 days straight and then Monday everything was back in action only to be shut down again with another snow storm that came on Tuesday night! Sheesh!  We had some great times together and some downer moments as we had major cabin fever.  Grant and I again realized that we are not the type of family that thrives on being stuck in the house!

Here's Callie all bundled and beautiful ready for our outing to try and find Grant some water proof gloves (that were all sold out all over Norman).

Posing and having fun in the snow!  Eli had a great 15 minutes out there. I slipped and fell once (no real pain incurred) and Grant helped Eli build a snow man.

I just couldn't resist taking this picture.  We were laughing so hard watching this family try to push their cart over all that snow.  The funny thing was that there were enough people trying to push the cart that they could easily have just carried there couple of things to the car!

Made some fun cookies too!

   Now that we have had 2 good snows I'm ready to say goodbye to the snow and welcome it NEXT winter.  Come on early spring!!!!

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